Support your favourite vegan restaurants
by cooking their recipes at home


With our e-Cookbook you directly help raise financial support for UK restaurants during this crisis

Fall in love with new recipes during a time when cooking at home has become the norm

You decide how much you contribute to support the featured restaurants

We take care of the rest and distribute profits to all participating restaurants.

Get creative with more than 35 plant based recipes to cook at home.

Simply download the
e-Cookbook through our online store. You decide how much you pay.

How you can help

Your quarantine cookbook

What you get:

100% of the profits are going directly to the featured restaurants

You get 35+ plant based recipes
created by the restaurants' chefs

You decide how much you pay. Everyone who supports this campaign will receive our e-Cookbook


Help us make a difference!

We care about vegan businesses. A lot. That’s why every purchase of our ebook supports the featured restaurants, creating an additional revenue stream during this

difficult time.

The easiest way you can make a difference

What’s inside?

Your chefs’ vegan recipes is packed with over 35 delicious plant based recipes with simple step by step instructions, created by your favourite chefs. From simple breakfast ideas to hearty curries and delicious classics from around the world, these recipes will bring joy to your kitchen table. We promise!


No matter if you’re a newbie or a vegan pro, this ebook shows you ways to get creative in the kitchen again and rekindle your love of plant based cooking.

All recipes are vegan

Bonus: Special tips and notes from the chefs

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Suitable for newbies and hobby chefs

Stuffed red bell peppers by VEGAN SPARTAN

Pea & nettle barley risotto by TIBITS

Açai bowl by WAVE

Banana blossom tacos by OMNI

and many more!

Cauliflower popcorn by DIRTY VEGAN

Banana bread by CAKE OR DEATH

Ribolita by CAFE VAN GOGH

Summer rolls by PHO

From your chefs to
your kitchen table

Recipes from the restaurants you love:

The current situation is seriously challenging. The last few months have been an emotional as well as a financial rollercoaster for many small businesses in the UK and around the world. Nearly all restaurants in the UK are now closed, to keep our public as well as workers safe. And it is uncertain what’s next.In times like this, we strongly believe in supporting the community and each other where we can.

3 weeks ago we came up with an idea to do our bit and support vegan restaurants and cafes. Together with over 20 restaurants, we've spent day and night putting together this cookbook to create an additional revenue stream for the ones struggling during this crisis. And at the same time, we want to offer you a fun way to cook your favourite restaurant dishes at home. We were overwhelmed by the positive responses we have received from participating restaurants and never thought the book would grow to the size it has. We’re also glad to see that this book has become a way for businesses to share their journey, their mission and origin.

To us, these recipes are so much more than cooking instructions. They are pieces of incredibly exciting personal journeys, experiences and dreams. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with them too.

Our story

  • 100% of the profits go directly to the featured restaurants
  • You get the exclusive e-Cookbook with 35+ plant based recipes created by the restaurants' chefs
  • You decide the price: contribute how much you want
  • How are restaurants benefiting from this?
    100% of the profit from each sale will be evenly split amongst the featured restaurants.
  • How do I receive the download?
    After your purchase, you can download the ebook in PDF format from the browser. You will also receive an email with the download link.
  • Can I download it to my phone?
    Yes you can use the ebook on any device.
  • Are all recipes 100% vegan?
    Yes. We've also included many gluten free options!